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sedute direzionali luxy serie nulite ergonomica girevole ufficio schienale alto multiblock

A chair is part of our lives, it supports our daily activities: it has to be resistant and inviting, we must like it, but it must also respect us, it must make the time we spend in its company pleasant and productive. Many of us spend more time sitting down than standing on our feet; we make important decisions or business deals while we feel at one with a chair… and then politics, agreements, inventions; how many things pass through that fundamental piece of furniture? The more welcoming a chair is, the more pleasant and worthwhile the things we do become. NULITE condenses this spirit inside its very genesis: it comes to us as a solid reality, amenable and elegant, perfect for homes and offices. And it is ready for all in a new version: sophisticated and enriched with major technological elements.


Ergonomics are the strongpoint of NULITE, the study of the human body posture, the lightness of its line and its multifunctional structure are its supporting elements. The chair’s body is fortified by a decentralized oscillating multiblock mechanism with a side lever that can be easily pulled out at the side with a very elegant gesture.

sedute direzionali luxy serie nulite ergonomica girevole ufficio schienale medio-alto

NULITE offers sophisticated care of every detail: in a way, truly representing Italian style and design: the frame, for example displays various components in chromed aluminum, which shine like sparks of light in the midst of the chromed steel of the remaining structure.

sedute direzionali luxy serie nulite ergonomica girevole ufficio schienale alto multiblock braccioli imbottita pelle nero

  • Finishing: Chromed or painted with white epoxy powders with anti-scratch tratment.
  • Back: PVC support.
  • Seat: PVC support.
  • Structure: seat/back structure in high resistance steel tube 25 x 28 mm. tickness 1,5 mm. with chrome plated.
  • Armrests: in die-cast aluminium with chromed finish.
  • Mechanism: tilt multiblock.
  • Base: In press fused aluminium with glossy finish with inox insert.
  • Wheels: Self-braking rubber coated diameter 65 mm.



  • 22° backrest inclination.
  • 5 locking positions or unlocked backrest.
  • Seat height adjustment.
  • Unlocked backrest: follows the movements of the spine – left lever upwards.
  • Locked backrest: choose the inclination angle of the backrest best suited to the task and lock it – left lever downwards – to unlock it and change the angle, just apply a slight pressure of the spine on the backrest (anti-shock device).
  • The movement intensity of the backrest can be adjusted according to the user’s weight.



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NULITE has been certified according to the norm EN 1335 (part 1-2-3), granting safety, comfort and ergonomics to those who work for long hours in the office.

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