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armadio archiviazione a doppie ante meco office


“Archiviazione” storage is demountables.
Each cabinet is composed by components (sides, top, base, back and doors)
Easily assemblage to each other by joints.
The varied components are structured by elements in metal sheet (uni 5866) of variable thickness, from 0,6 to 0,8 mm (with renforcements elements of 1,5 mm)
Opportunely bended and welded.
Those elements are painted with epoxy polyester powders in oven at 200° degrees.
It is provided a special pair of brackets to fix the upper module cabinet to the standard one.
To approach to the upper module cabinet, when the standard one is 200cm high, it is available a staircase in aluminium and relative support.
Melamine top are available on request, 18mm thick and edge in ABS.
The cabinets are available in 2 versions : Sliding doors or hinged doors.
The sliding doors, on V-bearings guided at the top side allow perfect sliding movement and silence action.
At the bottom, they are guided on rails by nylon glides positioned at the cabinet base.
Sliding Doors are available in metal, melamine 18mm thick and in glass.
The slinding door version in glassi is made using a metal painted frame, in which is fixed the glass, it can be « float » (4 mm thick), tempered (4 mm thick), or frosted
tempered (4 mm thick).
hinged doors : are hasped on galvanized steel hinges, with opening stop at 110°.
they are provided with locks type YALE with closing system on base and top cabinet.
The internal shelves lean on brackets, made in glavanised steel, 1,2mm thick. shelves are adjustable, by rack positioned on cabinet sides, with step of 50mm made
on the whole cabinet height.
internal shelf capacity 80 Kg, it is predisposed to use hanging files.
The “archiviazione” cabinet range is made without sharped edges and corners, to avoid any injury.
The filing drawers are made by an enblock of metal steel sheet UNI 5866, with variable thickness of 15/10 mm.



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